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Meet Sam Vaknin, author of the book Malignant Self Love. Sam knows he’s a supreme narcissist, but is he also, as he suspects, a psychopath? To find out, he becomes the world’s first civilian volunteer to be thoroughly tested for psychopathy.

Along the way, Vaknin encounters the minefield of scientific, ethical, moral and social issues involved in owning that label. When things don’t quite go his way, he turns on the film-makers, unleashing vicious displays of verbal abuse, and some free psychological analysis of his own.

Then, there's his wife Lidija. She wants a baby, but isn't sure that Sam is suitable parent material. And to make things worse, Lidija’s sister believes she’s been brainwashed by her twelve years with Sam.

I, Psychopath is a classic road trip/head trip movie, with a strong narrative, jeopardy, a cast of engaging characters and an irreverent gonzo style.

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