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Hello, my bunnies! (/(°ᴥ°)\) ♥
I am a Korean ASMRtist called 비니 Binnie ✦

I got so so so many requests about English roleplay! 🐰
I tried my best but I don't think it sounds very good.
I think I am better with Korean language because it's my mother language. I don't know if I will make more English ASMR audios. Can you tell me what you like more in the comments? :)
This roleplay is from Patreon but the English version! If you want the Korean version please visit my Patreon ♥ https://www.patreon.com/binnieasmr

🐰 Korean translated!
🐰 Roleplay requests via Instagram or discord!
🐰 Accepting fan-arts via Instagram or discord!

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