Venezuela Unrest Watch Live

Venezuela protest: Opposition clashes with police

Security forces in Venezuela have dispersed an anti-government march opposition leader Juan Guaido led, his first since he returned from an international tour.

Chaos in Venezuela grows as leaders call for protests

Opposition leader Juan Guaido and President Nicolas Maduro called for supporters to protest a day after violent clashes. #ABCNews #Venezuela #Maduro.

Tens of thousands protest in Venezuela to urge Nicolás Maduro to resign

Opposition supporters held a nationwide protest on Saturday in a bid to keep up the pressure on president Nicolás Maduro after the international community ...

Venezuela's opposition leader calls for protests to continue

Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaidó is rallying his supporters to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro's regime. Now there's a stalemate, with neither side ...

At least 300 hurt in Venezuela as protesters battle for food and medicine

Hundreds of people have been injured as troops clash with protesters on the Venezuelan border. The government is refusing to allow trucks carrying aid to cross ...

Venezuela Protests Turn Deadly | CNBC

Venezuela's President just hiked up the minimum wage by 60%. But the people are still protesting by the hundreds of thousands. Here's why. » Subscribe to ...

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