Sri Lanka Has Exceeded 150 People

Indian help arrives in Sri Lanka as monsoon toll exceeds 150

Indian navy troops offload emergency supplies from the Indian ship Kirch at Colombo harbour - part of a relief operation to assist victims of floods in Sri Lanka.

Aerial footage shows Sri Lanka flood as toll climbs to 177

Thousands of Sri Lankan troops battle to get relief supplies to nearly half a million people displaced by the island's worst flooding for 14 years, which has killed ...

Sri Lanka, Worst Flooding In 14 Years

Colombo, Sri Lanka (CNN)Sri Lanka remains in the grips of the worst flooding in 14 years, and the bad weather that has killed more than 160 people is expected ...

200 Killed In Sri Lankan Bombings, Social Media Suspended

The Sri Lankan government has reportedly blocked access to various social media sites after a wave of bombings left over 200 dead across the country.

(EN)Sri Lanka Protests Outside UN Office - Against Illegal UN Pane l- 6July2010

Increasing protests against UN in Sri Lanka. UN baises and double standards have tarnished the credibility of UN. West is pressurizing Sri Lanka to probe on ...

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