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眠る 囁き ASMR 日本語 sleep whisper Personal Action  Japanese

hi my darling.....Love and Sleep 인스타그램 ppuppu.

ASMR Teaching You Japanese! Relaxing Lesson🌙 Different Languages Whispering

I received many comments asking me to teach Japanese, so this time I will start a Japanese class ‍ I'm whispering the words over and over, so you'll ...

[ASMR] 日本語オノマトペを耳元で囁く#1 Japanese Trigger Words, Ear to Ear Whispering, Hand Movement

どうも、はとむぎです(*^_^*) 今回のASMR動画では、耳元で日本語のオノマトペとその文章を囁きました。 途中、声以外の物の音や、手の動きが入っております。 あなたが ...

[Japanese ASMR] 10 ASMR Triggers For Sleep & Relaxing / DR-40 / Whispering

No Talking Ver. #1 Hello everyone! I'm Hatomugi :) Thank you for watching this video. I wish you ...

Japanese Bartender ASMR Compilation

Japanese Bartender ASMR I don't own any of the footage, I just edited them together in a compilation.

[Japanese ASMR] Soft Spoken

Happy new year! *Please enjoy the video with your earphones or headphones plugged as it is in recorded in stereo.

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