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i actually dont even know with this one i was gonna make a note of how im past 50 subs, but in the time since im now past 100. crazy.

Japanese ASMR

back at it again...

(ENG SUBS)+18 Japanese boyfriend drugs you and f*cks you [ASMR]

Your boyfriend dr*gs you and plays with your body. THANK YOU GUYS FOR 200 SUBSCRIBERS, THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH Don't watch this ...

[ENG SUB] R18 Office Night with Dominant Boyfriend ASMR Japanese Audio - Male ASMR Roleplay

He is a hard working man. He can be serious and very strict sometimes. But that night inside the office room, something happened. CD info: ...

Japanese ASMR Your Girlfriend and Her Sister Ear Licking Moaning Wet Sounds

Hello ! In today's japanese asmr video, you will be relax by a cute anime girl. For this,she will use such triggers as the mouth sounds and the Ear licking. For best ...

ASMR: Duo Duo's special collections 1

name: Duo Duo (朵朵) live streaming at Please subscribe for more asmr video:

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