2019 Venezuelan Protests

Venezuela: Police disperse opposition protests in Caracas

Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe Scuffles between the Venezuelan National Guard and protesters broke out in Caracas on Monday, as dozens of ...

Chaos in Venezuela grows as leaders call for protests

Opposition leader Juan Guaido and President Nicolas Maduro called for supporters to protest a day after violent clashes. #ABCNews #Venezuela #Maduro.

Venezuelans protest Maduro government amid unrest in country

Protesters in Venezuela hurled various objects at police and chanted slogans on Wednesday as thousands turned out for protests against the Nicolas Maduro ...

At least 300 hurt in Venezuela as protesters battle for food and medicine

Hundreds of people have been injured as troops clash with protesters on the Venezuelan border. The government is refusing to allow trucks carrying aid to cross ...

Venezuela National Guard Run Over Protesters

Footage emerged Wednesday showing the Venezuelan National Guard using armored riot-control vehicles to run-over protesters in the capital Caracas.

"We want change, we want freedom": Venezuelans protest on streets

Hundreds of thousands of protesters have turned out in force in the capital of Caracas, calling for an end to the presidency of Nicolas Maduro. The crowds defied ...

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