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Mercedes-Benz GLC300 Comparison - See the Changes from 2019 to 2020

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class has received a mid-cycle refresh. On the exterior you can see new headlights, taillights, and the new grille. Inside it has ...

Comparing the Mercedes-Benz 2020 GLS450 and BMW X7

We had an opportunity to see the all-new 2020 GLS450 and the BMW X7 drive40i together. I though you might also enjoy a video on them side-by-side.

10 Updates to the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster for 2020

The 2020 Mercedes-AMG has a few updates. Once you know what you are looking for it will be very easy to spot! 1 - Headlights 2 - Taillights 3 - Exhaust shape 4 ...

Comparing the 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT53, GT63 and GT63S

I happened to have one of each GT model at the dealership today. This was a good opportunity to show off the differences.

Test Drive in the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE350 4matic - Featuring MBUX and Hey Mercedes

The new inline 4 cylinder for the GLE-Class is excellent! Here is a loop of my normal test drive route while explaining the new features and GLE experience.

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLE350 GLE450 with Third Row

The 2020 GLE-Class is due to arrive in US showrooms Spring, 2019. Featuring an optional 3rd row, MBUX Technology and a fresh interior it is sure to be a hit!

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