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Punta Gorda Florida 😎🤠

Gotta love learning! I sure do.

Bo's Extravaganza welcomes Hazzard Horsepower to the BIG SHOW!

I love cars and these cars are great! If you haven't registered with Betsy yet please do. This is going to be awesome! If you try to register with Betsy and she ...

Bo's Extravaganza is getting bigger every day!

The Bellamy Brothers join the lineup at what is going to be the biggest family party of the summer! Also cast members from The Dukes of Hazzard and The ...

Bo's Extravaganza is COMING SOON and you'll want to be a vendor this year for sure!

It's time to reserve your spot at the biggest party in Louisiana! Bo's Extravaganza is April 4th and 5th at John Schneider Studios in Holden, Louisiana and you ...

John Schneider's Bo's Extravaganza 2020 is coming!

The greatest weekend of the year is coming right up and I am going to jump a Ford Raptor AND turn 60!

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